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Announcing the The 9th Speciality and 7th National Championship Show - 10th May 2013 at Ooty - Judge Mrs. Beryl Liggins

Banner Updated on 17 April, 2013

THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB INDIA developed out of the desire of some enthusiasts of the breed who wanted to create a focal point for all those who love Golden Retrievers and who wish to promote awareness of not only the Breed Standard but also of the proper care and breeding of Goldens. The Club now has been registered and is developing a plan of activities with a view to meeting these objectives. For the benefit of those who are learning of the Club's existence for the first time, we wish to reiterate that the Club seeks more specifically to achieve the following:

  • To encourage the breeding of Golden Retrievers of the type laid down in the Breed Standard.

  • To organize, or facilitate the organization of, Breed Shows, Obedience tests, etc.

  • To be the focal point in the country for dissemination of information on the breed generally, to assist its members by e.g., providing advice and information also in specific cases on the breeding, training.

  • Showing and proper care of Golden Retrievers.